The season is over and You’re best zero turn mower under 3000 intending to save the Zero Switch Mower for the winter. Then I presume your zero-turn Mower is prized adequate to check these measures just before storing it.

Unplug the Trigger lead cord.
Unplug the Spark plug lead wire and tie it together the best way to plug.

Clean Your Zero Turn Mower.
Clan your Mower thoroughly. Make sure that is not any mud, bud slice or some further dirt is abandoned with your Zero Turn Mower.

Removing Battery.
Eliminate your tank Battery prior to storing it. Maintain the battery dry and secure spot. Tend not to keep your battery close any flammable material or even fire. Wash the battery terminals with any brush.

Fuel Tank.
If the Gas is Lower in your fuel tank humidity can intrude within it. That may cause rust or blockage on your fuel tank. Please full your fuel tank before storing your Zero Turn Lawn Mower.

Fuel Stabilizer.
Fuel amount Starts diminishing right after 20 weeks somewhere around. Utilize any gas stabilizer to make sure the fuel level remains stable during the specified period. Otherwise empty the fuel tank.

Transform Engine Oil.
Change that the Engine for the Zero Turn Lawn Mower storage.

Store in Door.
Try to save Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower inside a shed or garage. It is going to continue to keep the cartridge protected from dust, dirt and rust.