Trump Just ROYALLY Pissed Everyone Off With The AWESOME New Picture That Went Up In White House!!

There is  no better place to represent our nation’s history than the White House. As such, it is filled with historical artifacts reminding of America’s struggles and achievements.

Now President Donald Trump has put a new addition to the painted pieces on the West Wing walls that gives his own personal touch to the place, just like any other president who had resided there. However not everyone liked  what he did and some liberals are furious about it.

As the Trump family is adjusting to life as the First Family of the U.S. they started to accustom their new house as well. But people have been criticizing every nail they put into those walls, calling it tactless taste.

Nevertheless, like it or not people will have to get used to the fact that the President has the right to decorate the house, and there is nothing wrong with him celebrating his victory in this way.

Maybe our current president isn’t the type to keep things to himself, and there is no denying the fact that he is a but more controversial than other presidents before him. However that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have documented his victory the way he did.

Even though the media put a lot of efforts into making it seem like his and his opponent’s Hillary Clinton’s race was a close one, the picture he had framed and hanged on the  wall proves otherwise. This picture features a map of all the United States showing every red-state on it who voted for President Trump’s election.

The picture is the West Wing’s latest and probably most unique piece of artwork.

Donald Trump didn’t become president by chance, he won his title fair and square and with the majority of votes in a number of countries. Now this infamous image of which way each area of every state went has become its own modern art on display in the White House.

The firs one to take notice of this picture was Trey Yingst who immediately posted it on his Twitter account, writing  ”Spotted: a map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing.”

The image of the Electoral College Map from the 2016 election when Donald Trump won the presidency, made many idiots around the country angry  who couldn’t come to terms with such a display.

These people who immediately turned to judge the president for his actions obviously forgot who they were talking about. He had earned his right to do this when he won the election through honest means and against all odds, so there should be no problem for him to celebrate his victory in whatever way he likes.

Unlike the media, Trump was truthful in his lead and this photo proves precisely that.



The most ironic part of this outrage against Trump and his decoration for the West Wing is that the people who criticized him the most are the same people who supported Hillary going after the desk where her husband received sexual favors at during his tenure.

The bottom line is that no mater how much some people might hate the President, his victory is undeniable.

There is a famous phrase that says “a picture says a thousand words” there is nothing that proves this statement more than what President Trump decided to frame. The image shows that Trump beat Hillary Clinton by far more than a thousand Electoral College votes.

This is not just his victory, but the victory of the American people. He proved that anyone can achieve anything if they set their minds to it.

President Trump showed every kid in America with a dream to make a difference, that by pursuing those dreams they can make their way up to the top,  just like he managed to rise and become the President of the U.S. as a non-career politician.

Featured Image Source H/T: Freedom Daily

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