Top Republican Senator Charges FBI For Criminal Conspiracies Against Trump

We’ve been forced to endure this “Russian conspiracy” for a very long time. It’s been over a year and not a shred of evidence has been found.

So why is Mueller still busy? I don’t know. Perhaps he just likes collecting checks from the government. Or maybe, just maybe, there are those within the FBI who are keeping this investigation going, just to smear the President. They haven’t found real evidence, but they refuse to close the case, giving the liberal media an excuse to attack Trump.

Now it seems like GOP lawmakers have had enough. And their investigations are going to increase, big time.

From Politico:

On Fox News, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the House committee that oversees the Justice Department and FBI, alleged an anti-Trump “conspiracy” by FBI agents whose text message exchanges have been made public in selective bursts by GOP lawmakers.

“Some of these texts are very disturbing,” Goodlatte said, adding, “They illustrate a conspiracy on the part of some people, and we want to know a lot more about that.”

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Republicans have been particularly incensed by a new revelation from the FBI that five months of text messages between a senior counterintelligence agent in the bureau, Peter Strzok — who was dismissed from Mueller’s team for unspecified reasons in July — and FBI attorney Lisa Page appear to be missing. The bureau revealed to Congress over the weekend that it hadn’t retained the messages, which officials attributed to technical problems with the bureau’s storage system…

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans pushing to release a secret memo they have drafted based on classified intelligence — which they claim reveals anti-Trump bias in the FBI — got a boost on Tuesday from the White House, which called for “full transparency” on the issue.

This Russian scandal investigation is one of the most shameful events in our history. An elected, sitting President is being persecuted by a biased media and questionable investigators. All because the pathetic democrats lost the 2016 election. It’s a crime against justice.

There has never been credible proof that Trump “colluded” with Russia. This thing is still going on because Mueller and other cronies want to smear Trump.

Let’s be honest: they’ve found zero evidence. Yet, they continue to waste our time and money.

Meanwhile, there is credible evidence that Hillary Clinton’s been colluding with Russia for years. Where is that special investigation, DOJ?

It’s time for Republicans in Congress to throw their weight around. They have the authority to bring a swift end to this witch hunt. They can expose the bias and discredit Mueller’s bogus investigation. With that kind of momentum, the FBI and DOJ will be forced to shut it down.

All they have to do is man up and do it.

Source: Politico

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