Student That Registered Dead Folks To Vote Democrat Is Going To JAIL… Here’s How Long

A Virginia college student was charged for submitting false voter registration forms and sentenced to hundred days of prison time on Tuesday.

The young voter used completely fraudulent documents, for the purposes of a left-leaning organization compiled entirely from dead people.

According to a report from the Fox News: Andrew J. Spieles, 21, was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for knowingly transferring false Virginia voter registration forms during the 2016 election, according to the Justice Department.

Spieles, a student at James Madison University, worked as a staffer for Harrisonburg Votes — a group affiliated with the Democratic Party — and was paid to register voters in the area during the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible; he reported to Democratic campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg, Va., according to the DOJ.

The report went on to say that after he filled out the registration form he put the information into a computer  system that was used by the Virginia Democratic Party. Paper copies was manually delivered to the Registrar’s Office in Harrisonburg every week.

Interestingly, an employee from the Registrar’s Office contacted law enforcement last August when a worker noticed a registration form that was submitted in the name of a late father of a Virginia judge.

After this, the office found out a number of other fraudulent forms. According to the Justice Department, among them, some had incorrect birth dates, Social Security numbers or false middle names or even the information of deceased individuals.

Reportedly, the 21-year-old admitted his crime and said that he was the only one responsible for it. He confirmed that he had prepared all 18 of the false voter registration forms and the information he used, was obtained from “walk sheets” given to him by the Virginia Democratic Party.

He got an easy way out considering that this type of fraud is punishable by up to a year of imprisonment and a $100,00 fine. Thanks to a plea agreement he reached with Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeb Terrien, Spieles received only three months and 10 days behind bars.

Featured Image Source H/T : The Truth Division

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