Sarah Sanders Triggers Snowflakes After Posting Ordinary ‘Problem’ Caused By Her Toddler

President Donald Trump supporters, as well as those who work in his administration, have come to realize that you don’t have to say much to get attacked by a liberal. In fact, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders knows all too well how brutal they can be.

However, she never could have anticipated being a target when she posted about a common problem that she experienced with her 2-year-old son, who inadvertently ordered a Batman toy via Amazon’s Echo device.

The post was undoubtedly meant to be a humorous observation, but she was not-so-kindly reminded that liberals find nothing a Trump-supporter has to say funny. In fact, they once again took things too far and began to attack her for her “ridiculous” and “ethically wrong” post.

It all began when Sanders simply tweeted, “Alexa, we have a problem if my 2-year-old can order a Batman toy by yelling ‘Batman!’ over and over again into the Echo.”

Clearly, for anyone with half a brain and no political bias, she was just making an observation that she found funny. Not only do kids tend to get into things they’re not supposed to but technology has made it so they can spend their parent’s money without even trying.

If you’re a parent, you understand how that could be a problem, right? It’s an amusing observation about parenthood in today’s world. If you’re a liberal, apparently that information alone is irksome and gives you a valid reason to attack another human being.

First and foremost, the left went on the attack allegedly because the press secretary was using her official White House social media account to post about her personal life, according to Biz Pac Review. In fact, many of them even believe it’s an “ethics violation.” Either this is all some ironic joke, or they forgot that they’ve been defending Hillary Clinton, who has blatantly violated ethics her entire political career.

“Glad to see our government officials make appropriate use of their official government Twitter accounts. Alexa, record this misuse of government resources,” one liberal wrote, while another angry snowflake added, “Alexa, can you track @PressSec inappropriate use of an official Twitter account? Thanks.”

In fact, there were several others who held the same sentiment and weren’t afraid to share their disgust:

Some whiny brats even took their anger to a completely new low, complaining about Sanders using Echo in her home in general since Echo can be “tapped” and made into an “always listening” device. Who knew that Sanders discussed her highly sensitive state secrets at home with her toddlers? Please, note the sarcasm. At least she’s not using a personal server that’s set up in her basement to handle classified documents, right?

One triggered social media user went off, saying, “Why are you telling people you have a hackable device with a microphone in your home/accessible to your family?????” while yet another said, “You have an always-on internet connected listening device in your home?!”

Of course, there were others who even attacked her because they think that the entire thing was a fabricated lie. Apparently, they didn’t learn their lesson after CNN’s April Ryan humiliated herself by screaming “fake news” over Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving Day pecan pie.

It’s a shame that people are attacking a woman solely because she works for President Donald Trump. If it had been any liberal, there wouldn’t have been an incident. In fact, had any Democrat posted this, it probably would have been looked at as Sarah Sanders had intended – humorous. It’s time people start to lighten up with the hateful bias. We’re allowed to have differing opinions, and you don’t need to attack people just because they don’t agree with you.

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