Muslim Migrants Arrive For Welfare, Irate When Officials Inform Them Of New ‘Requirement’

A lot of illegal immigrants have been leeching off of our hard-working taxpayers for too long, living solely out of welfare. But they were surprised to find out at the beginning of this year that there are new requirements for obtaining the benefits.

Despite the left trying to make Americans welcome the “widows and orphans” in need for help, even the  UN admits most illegal immigrants are Muslim men.

In the past Islam was taking over the world during the Muslim conquest, through battles, but today these Muslim migrants are conquering Europe and the West through mass migration and raising birth rates.

One of their tactics is burdening the economic welfare provided by non-Muslim taxpayers to “make them feel subdued.” Unluckily for them, one European country has had enough and is calling for an end.

According to  Kronen Zeitung, in an attempt to clear out the economic migrants,Switzerland has officially banned citizenship for migrants who have accepted any form of welfare in the last 3 years as well as directing those who have to pay it back.

Reportedly, the state will deny citizenship applications to migrants who have lived out of welfare checks, as an attempt to prevent welfare abuse.

This law has been made effective since January 1, 2018 and it will force migrants to find jobs and payback the nation for any welfare they’ve received during their time in the country. Migrants who manage to fulfill this requirement will be given a permission to stay and apply for Swiss citizenship.

This legislation will also revoke permanent residence documents, granted to asylum seekers and migrants if they have used welfare benefits through the course of the last three years.

According to Breitbart,  this is not all. Apart from the harsher welfare restrictions, new language requirements will also be put in place. Reportedly migrants will have to learn to speak and write the language of their particular Swiss district if they wish to apply for citizenship.

In addition to this, migrants who have been imprisoned for a period longer than three months will be excluded from the naturalization process and could be subjects to deportation.

A series of new restrictions were included in the requirements, mostly aimed for Muslim migrants.

For instance, one Swiss immigration official said back in June 2016, that Muslim migrants who refuse to participate in school curricula because of their religious beliefs will be banned from receiving citizenship.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee, told TV station SRF on Tuesday.

The Education Department stated that “the public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs the freedom of religion” and that if the students refuse again, “the sanctions called for by law will be applied.”

Furthermore, about a month after this, one district in Switzerland announced a “burqa ban”. Those who refused to remove the veil were fined with up to  $10,100 charge per offense.

It was decided that legislation changes are in order when officials discovered that they were unable to identify 9 out of 10 migrants and asylum seekers due to false documentation. And to make thing even worse many more were still arriving without any documentation at all.

As a result, the authorities began passing bills to prevent new mass arrivals and to make it harder for illegal migrants to stay in the country.

These tightened legislation has caused migrants to cross Switzerland out of their list of  potential travel destinations.

This country is taking measures to save it’s culture, values, tradition and freedom from the growing threat of Islamization, while the rest of Europe is already drowning.

Featured Image Source H/T : Mad World News

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