Democrat Triple-Indicted After Robbing $803G From Taxpayers Through Her ‘Non-Profit’

Another day, another Democrat exposed for wrongdoing. This time they are accused of being their own Robin Hoods, pilfering taxpayers to line their own pockets and make themselves look good.

Already this year we learned about Democrats stealing cash. It’s not as bad as sexual assault, but it’s ugly nonetheless. What makes it worse than normal stealing is that this Dem was using a non-profit to do her evil.

Non-profits, as you know, are supposed to help people in need. They take donations and taxpayer funds. We assume the money will be used for good. Instead, a huge chunk of cash was stolen.

By a politician who expects her Democrat voters to elect her anyway.

The good news is this time, the crook was indicted on multiple counts.

From Breitbart:

A Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia has been indicted on charges of fraud, embezzlement, and theft for allegedly stealing government funds from a school nutrition program in 2012.

Shaun Brown, 58, denied any wrongdoing during her first appearance in a Norfolk courtroom last week and said after the hearing that she intends to fight the charges.

Prosecutors said Brown fraudulently obtained $803,000 of government funds through her nonprofit organization, which participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program. The organization worked with the USDA Summer Food Service Program to provide meals to low-income children on school breaks…

Brown ran against Rep. Scott W. Taylor (R-VA) for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016, but she lost to Taylor by 23 points.

Brown announced in July that she intends to launch another congressional bid for that seat in 2018.

Hmm, an indictment against a crooked democrat? How about we repeat that again and again? Especially with that one big Democrat, who lied about her email server and pay-for-play corruption?

That would be nice!

By all means, Ms. Brown, run for that seat again. Taylor doesn’t need to run against a democrat that has a chance to win. A democrat indicted for corruption? Let’s see her try to spin that into something good.

But my guess is she won’t be able to run. It’s hard to mount a political campaign from prison.

So how many more Democrats will be flushed out for embezzlement or sexual harassment? The tally is getting too big to track.

Source: Breitbart

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