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BREAKING!! Trump Just CAPTURED Him – He’s FINALLY In Custody! This Is MASSIVE!

One of Trump’s promises before stepping in office was that he will eliminate our nation’s biggest threat that Obama often provided help for.

His words of making America great again weren’t just a  campaign slogan, but his genuine intention. He has proven this, time and again, but his biggest wish however, remains still unanswered.

Trump’s next goal is to tackle terrorism in a real way, so he can fulfill his biggest promise.

President Trump is facing the problem, instead of circling around it like his predecessor did. He is determined to take down the major players and so far, he is winning the battle.

Just a month ago he managed to make a major arrest and now he is repeating it again. He has captured one of the most notorious leaders in custody and he is dedicated to make him pay. Namely, the man in question is an ISIS member that goes by the name of  “White Beard” and he is the criminal behind one of the most disastrous events since the creation of ISIS.

According to The Sun’s report:

One of ISIS’ most feared executioners has been captured by Iraqi security forces, according to reports.The jihadi kingpin – nicknamed “White Beard” – is said to have presided over dozens of killings in the terror group’s former stronghold of Mosul. But now the bearded killer has been nabbed after locals revealed his hiding place in the city, according to AhlulBayt News Agency.

The sick jihadi, identified as Abu Omer, was one of the terror group’s most fearsome henchmen. He was reportedly present when homosexuals were thrown from buildings and victims beheaded and stoned to death for minor offenses.

The evil terror boss is allegedly seen in several sick execution videos filmed before the group’s self-proclaimed Caliphate in Syria and Iraq collapsed. In one such clip from March 2015, three men accused of homosexuality and blasphemy are forced to their knees and publicly beheaded.

The blindfolded men are seen kneeling in the center of what appears to be a roundabout in front of a crowd of people as a masked executioner stands by with a long, rusty blade. An elderly man that appears to be Omer addresses the crowd as the executioner positions his sword above the men’s heads in the unnamed city in northern Iraq.

Other snaps seem to show him inspecting a pile of rocks ahead of a brutal public stoning.

The win on this war came a week after a bigger player in Benghazi was caught, judged and imprisoned. Did you see something like this when Obama was in charge? Of course not because he wasn’t as aggressive to fight terrorism as Trump. But now, the ISIS days are done.
A report from December 21st said that many people have blood on their hands because of Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Now the person who  was involved the most in this, is in custody.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reported that U.S. officials say have imprisoned an important assertive in the 2012 Benghazi attack on a U.S. consulate which killed four Americans. A U.S. official identified the suspect as Mustafa al-Ima.

The forces caught him in Libya just late on Sunday and are transfering him back to the U.S., officials told The Associated Press. According to the officials, the suspect is in the custody of the Department of Justice and is expected to arrive within the next two days on a military plane.

Officials said President Donald Trump approved the mission and it was in coordination with Libya’s internationally recognized government. The unauthorized officials who spoke publicly to the matter demanded anonymity and they didn’t speak about where he was captured.

The Sept. 2012 assault killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. State Department computer expert Sean Smith and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

If it wasn’t for Trump, the Benghazi victims wouldn’t have got justice because Hillary would’ve covered up the attack and tried to clear her name.

Liberals should praise the arrest on Abu Omer, since his main target were homosexuals. He captured them and made them pay in a monstrous way.

But now, all they want to do is attack our president, even though this is in their advantage too. While they keep on denying Trump’s presidency, he will keep on doing everything in order to Make America Great Again!

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Featured Image Source H/T: Freedom Daily

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