BREAKING: Soros Just Had Major Run-In With Trump In Davos – This Could Kill Him!

President Donald Trump is in Davos, Switzerland this week to meet with world leaders and apparently, Globalist Godfather George Soros is there too. Perhaps the millionaire man leading the charge against the president didn’t think he’d ever have to come face-to-face with his nemesis, but he did today and wasn’t expecting what he got in return. The decrepit old fellow met his match and he might not make it out alive after what Trump just did to him.

Ever since Trump defeated Satanic Democrat Hillary Clinton in the election, the left has been doing all they can to bring him down. Democrats want the government to control our lives, and they want to take our hard-earned money and give it to their constituents in return for their loyalty at the ballot box. This is how they stay in power year after year. So when Trump came along and wanted less government control, and for us to keep more of what we earned, the Dems were having none of it – especially George Soros. Trump has systematically destroyed a corrupted system that Democrats love, that Soros has fought tooth and nail to get back with his constant and corrupt undermining efforts.

It took a powerful, unapologetic giant that is President Trump to strike fear into the most corrupt man in the world. George Soros seemed to admit that in his latest claim made from Davos this week when he suffered a panic over what Trump was pulling off at the Global leader meetings where the two were both in attendance.

“In remarks broadcasted by Bloomberg, a panicked George Soros told a room full of ‘Davosmen,’ at the World Economic Forum that President Trump’s policies pose a danger to the entire world,” The Gateway Pundit reported. “Bloomberg Terminal summarized Soros’ talk, described as a summary of the ‘bleak state of the world.’”

The only one who is making a “bleak state” is Soros himself by creating everything counter to the success of our country to obtain total control. He’s responsible for funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests, pro-abortion and amnesty efforts, and that’s just a start. His billions have been the liberal left’s driving force to success and President Trump is a threat to that investment as our country’s Commander-in-Chief.

A glance at the following list of known Soros-funded projects compiled by Wikipedia wouldn’t have been possible without the globalist godfather’s cash. Everything he’s funded goes against the American way and is a real threat to the world. He’s who can accurately claim responsibility for creating a “mafia state.”

Algebra Project
Center for Constitutional Rights
Media Matters for America
American Civil Liberties Union
Center for Public Integrity
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International Ireland
Priorities USA Action
American Bridge 21st Century
National Democratic Voting Rights Trust
America Votes
Senate Majority PAC
Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Immigrant Voters Win PAC
End Citizens United
Every Voice

Everything Soros has created is in Trump’s crosshairs and he’s not afraid to use his presidential power to compromise his globalist efforts. This clearly has Soros in a panic in the fight for control that he’s on the losing end of. If his decrepit appearance is any indication of his health and combined with his age, the amount of stress that Trump is rightfully causing him could be the end of him. He’s working overtime to counter the president, by promising “nationwide riots,” as perhaps a last ditch effort to destroy the country.

When Trump came along and wanted less government control, and for us to keep more of what we earned, the Dems were having none of it. Trump is systematically destroying a corrupted system that Democrats love, so it’s no surprise they are fighting back tooth & nail.

They are fighting back by concocting stories about collusion with Russia to undermine President Trump by casting doubt on his legitimacy. It has been almost a year since the investigations into collusion began, and to date, there is absolutely ZERO evidence that any took place.

At the head of the investigation is special counsel Robert Mueller. When Mueller was appointed to look into possible collusion on the part of the Trump campaign, he immediately hired a team of investigators who had close ties to the Clinton crime family. One top FBI agent who hates Trump had to be fired after it became known that he conspired against him with others, and tainted the investigation.

President Trump has fired Mueller after it became obvious this is just a Democrat witch-hunt to take him down. This move is exactly what top Demoncrat socialist, George Soros, well-known for funding anti-American organizations that send thugs & terrorists into the streets to wreak havoc on our lives, promised would spark nationwide riots.

President Trump was fully within his Constitutional rights to fire Mueller. Many Republican lawmakers believe it was the right thing to do just that as it’s obvious this isn’t about justice, it’s about taking out Trump because butthurt libs just can’t get over the fact that he won.


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