Bill O’Reilly Discovers Easy Way To Silence Frederica Wilson And Expose Her For Fraud She Really Is

Bill O’Reilly came through and revealed everything behind the Frederica Wilson’s accusation towards President Trump.

Wilson blamed Trump for his “insensitivity” during the condolence call with the wife of a fallen soldier.

As expected, it turns out that she only took the conversation out of context, of course, on purpose.

According to Liberty Writers, he had an interview with Newsmax where he revealed that her accusation is one huge scam.

O’Reilly started by saying: “The thing that disturbs me is Congresswoman Wilson. They were given a 24-hour day. The family of the fallen Army Sgt. [La David] Johnson, who was a Green Beret, was given 24-hour notice that President Trump would call.”

He continued: “They gave that information to Congresswoman Wilson, who is an anti-Trump hater and has been from the jump. She knew the call was coming in, she was in the car when President Trump reached the widow, Myeshia Johnson, 24 years old. Then, she goes out on CNN and says, ‘The president insulted Mrs. Johnson, made her cry. This looks to me to be a set up. It really does.”

Surely, Wilson tried to ruin the reputation that President Trump have, gains something politically and help the anti-Trump members in their mission. However, she didn’t accomplish anything, only embarrassed herself.

Regarding President Trump and his stance towards the military people, Bill O’Reilly stated: “I know he respects military people, so why on earth would a sitting president call a widow — just lost her husband in Niger — and insult her? It’s impossible. It’s inconceivable. They’re (the media) taking Ms. Wilson’s word for it. They’re not taking Gen. Kelly’s word for it, who says there wasn’t anything inappropriate. They’re taking Wilson’s. Why? Because they hate Trump. Everybody knows what the game is.”

Anyhow, the Democrats will continue to push with their opposition against Trump. Fortunately, there are these people, like Bill O’Reilly, who will always reveal the truth.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Liberty Writers.


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