Bernie Sanders Bashes Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Humiliates Himself in Record Time.

Almost immediately, liberals jumped to Twitter to complain about President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Before Americans could even Google “Brett Kavanaugh,” Bernie Sanders posted his scathing rebuttal. But patriots were on hand to put Uncle Bernie and other left-wing idiots in their place.

Are we really surprised that liberals are furious over Trump’s Supreme Court pick? Trump could have nominated Gandhi and the left would be upset. It has nothing to do with Judge Kavanaugh’s experience, skills, or track record. It has everything to do with the left’s pathetic hatred for our Commander in Chief.

In the Age of Trump, Democrats have proven themselves to be petty and bitter children. They refuse to compromise with the President on any issue. Even measures to improve our economy, cut taxes, and fix infrastructure, they fight tooth and nail. Liberals were determined to oppose Trump’s SCOTUS pick. In fact, some of them had their complaints ready, before he announced his nominee. Just take the Women’s March’s ill-fated tweet.
At this point everybody’s aware that liberals were going to slam President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee no matter who it was, but the Women’s March organizers were apparently too distracted to bother to update their pre-written press release to reflect the name of Trump’s choice:

[Source: Twitchy]

Yeah, I’m really going to buy their bogus complaint. They clearly drafted that before Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh. How could this group claim this was a “death sentence” before they even knew who was being nominated? Perhaps it has to do with how biased, corrupt, and dishonest liberals are.

Democratic leaders in D.C. were quick to promise they’d vote “no” for Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Big surprise. These are the same crooks who voted no on giving millions of Americans much-needed tax cuts. The same crooks who support sanctuary cities and the abolition of ICE. Naturally, they had their complaints ready to post just seconds after Trump made his announcement.

Bernie Sanders, who once praised the president for his efforts to bring jobs back to the United States, was quick to spew his bogus communist nonsense.

Since when have conservative values — embraced by many, many Americans — been considered “extreme” right-wing? Already people are going over Brett Kavanaugh’s record as a judge. You know what they don’t see? Any decision that resembles extremism.

This is what “Uncle” Bernie thinks of the traditions and values shared by most Americans. Putting families first is “extreme.” Protecting our border is part of a “right-wing” agenda. Limiting the size of government and giving freedom back to the American people is supporting corporations and billionaires. I guess Bernie, the “Democratic Socialist,” would rather have us all be slaves to a bloated, overstuffed, federal government.

I’m not sure what he means by “we must mobilize the American people” in order to stop Trump’s pick. Does he not know how this process works? Newsflash, Bernie, the American people are behind Donald Trump. We elected him president, knowing he was going to nominate good people to the SCOTUS. You can put “right-wing” in your tweets all you want, that’s not going to change that reality.
Patriots were quick to put Bernie’s bogus statement where it belongs: in the garbage bin.


“If you just listen to Bernie for just ten minutes, you learn what an idiot he is. This man literally knows no other vocation than stirring up resentment and making promises that cannot be kept. Without politics, he would be the crazy homeless guy standing on the street corner screaming at the passersby.” – Steven Hedrick

“It’s called normal common sense and following the constitution….not extreme right wing. Good grief if anyone is extreme it’s the unhinged, threatening left!” – Joan Huffman

“Liberals are so blinded by their hate that they seem to have forgotten that the role of Supreme Court Justice is to interpret not make laws…just quit with the fake outrage over every little thing! Protesting things that haven’t even happened is just ignorant.” – Deborah Rozycki Fairbank

[Source: Facebook]

It’s clear that Americans aren’t buying the left’s phony outrage over Trump’s pick. Liberals are doing what they do best, throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t go their way.
Over the last two years, we’ve seen the same thing. Instead of manning up and working with this administration, they obstruct, bicker, and hinder American progress. Kind of explains why they continue to lose, huh?



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