Ben Carson Exposes $500 Billion in Government Waste… Guess Who’s Going DOWN For It?

Liberals regularly find people who are working to better our country with the President to complain about, and they have honed in on Ben Carson, the new Housing and Urban Development secretary as their latest victim.

Carson doesn’t have any former government experience, and therefore liberals claim he isn’t right for the job as HUD secretary. The previous person who filled the position under Barack Obama’s reign was Julian Castro, who apparently missed some bookkeeping errors… $520 billion of them.

The budget of the Department of Housing and Urban Development grew to astronomical levels during Obama’s eight years in office. President Trump vowed to cut wasteful spending and he’s following through on his promises.

Carson had the HUD agency audited and it is written, “the total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion respectively.”


Liberals unkind remarks about Carson, claiming he is somehow unfit for his position have turned out to be undeniably false. Their exalted leader, Obama, had the “qualified” Julian Castro in that position which proved to be extremely detrimental to the budget.

The so called “bookkeeping errors” will likely be found to be some sort of embezzlement by Democrats. Trump is uncovering all of the secrets of the Obama White House and liberals are losing their minds. This latest discovery by Carson proves there is a need for more government agency audits.

The question now is where is the money? Who took it? Who is going to replace the taxpayer’s dollars?

The people in Washington, such as Trump and Carson, are terrifying the Democrats because they are looking for the facts and will oust those who are trying to steal from the hard working men and women of this great country.

Imagine what life would be like if their candidate had won the election, we would never have known the depth of tax dollar waste that’s happening right under our noses.

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