The Moogs may be the strap that you’ve now been seeking. Are You looking to list a new wedding ring which may create your wedding night special that every bet wants? If you’re not there, The Moogs provide killer performance that’s assured to offer you a delightful nights music and enjoyment to get every one of your visitors, young as well as older. Create your special day remarkable forever by booking our best Wedding bands Ireland. “Hit After Hit” constant play list of music to hastens the celebration start off and keeps it was observing for that entire night.

What time can the Band begin at the marriage ?

We strive to be the top Wedding bands Dublin can provide, and also the Band in addition to the DJ appear in 8:30 PM and therefore are ready to play. At times the rooms need a preparation, also Bob that the DJ can set to play music for guests at any moment. Broadly speaking, you can find shoes to be changed or even a cake to be trimmed! Belts loosened plus some very last modifications before the exact initial dance of occasion. Your company are cherished by BOB’s proper music, warming everyone all and getting you ready for carrying to a floor together with your own choice of finest wedding very first dance songs.

How much Does This price To book a strap?

Contact Wedding bands Ireland to inspect availability and rates, and then you can reserve The Moogs to your wedding with all the advance of $230 along with any credit or debit card. You may secure a confirmation email, together with that is it. Assured! You have reserved among their absolute most top wedding bands, Ireland. We stay connected and organize the finer particulars just like we have closer to this terrific day, but believe it straightforward to telephone us in any point with any queries that you can truly have a very long method.