While posting any photo or video on social media sites such as Instagram, facebook, YouTube or twitter the best way to increase the reach of your post and get more responses is to integrate proper hashtag with your posts. But to find proper and trending hashtags is not easy and takes a lot of time. This is where instagram hashtag generator comes in and saves the day.

How does a hashtag generator work?
A generator uses AI and analyses your posts and provides you relevant tags to include in your post. A post can boost up to 200% on the use of hashtags properly. With time and effort it can increase your follower count and make your popular.
How to use a hashtag generator?
It is very easy to use a hashtag generator. The 1st time is to visit a site that provides such service or install an app from the play store. Then you just need to use some keyword related to your post and you can find the top hashtags to include in your post to increase your reach.
Some sites and apps also provide a upgraded AI based hashtag generating option. You need to upload the image or URl in the site and based on the image the AI analyses it and provides you relevant tags.
You can use these to create a genuine audience for yourself in all your social media channels.
Sum up
To become famous on social media and to get very high engagement is not easy. Only uploading good posts won’t do any good if they are not targeted properly. Using a service through which you can find genuine tags will help you boost your social media presence.